First clients of resort started visiting Humboldt’s Au after 1850. Traffic, especially in summer season, was large. Patients and tourists were getting there by stage-coach, runs from Trzebnica to Milicz. Near factory was pond accumulating water for grain mill with magnificent wooden mill wheel.

Until 1930 around pond was exotic plants’ promenade. There took place many concerts of army bands. In Humbold’s Au were also restaurant and bowling club. During March revolution lived there even Russian princes with families.

Biggest fame for this place was provided with cure methods by baths and infusions with extract of pine oil. In Humbolt’s Au were curing pleurisy, rheumatism. There were performed inhalations, balsamic baths and shower therapies. Baths took place in special bathtub. For other therapies built, first in Prussia, steam bath.

In 1861 after fire, whole educated cadre, knowing about company termination, left to Thuringia to newly created similar resort, but on larger scale.

Remaining buildings of resort were destroyed by Soviet army entering in January 1945.