The 1810 was the last for Cisterian order in Trzebnica. Secularization of religious orders on whole Silesia caused goods were took over by country. Another result was division of areas to districts, and more effective administration.

In 1811 released regulation edict for Kingdom of Prussia – rich farmers, which were had farms with inventory, could obtain land rights, after giving compensation for land owner as part of land. In years 1848-1850 canceled remaining superiority rights of village owner to grounds, affranchisement covered farmers of every population category (including poor). In 1872 canceled possibility to nominate the mayor of the village by village owner. It resulted in creation of many big area country farms, many of rich farmers and large amount of little-land and no-land farmers. Then began problem of unemployement.

Enfranchisement effect (division of farm grounds) can be seen on maps of Kuźniczysko from years 1846-1867.