First bell (C tone) in Kuźniczysko was founded by pastor Jahann Nazari in 1610. The bell hung in pine tower built into church, which was built about 1450 by Catholics. Next two bells were cast in Wrocław in 1792 – tone A and B. They hung in 1805 in new dome tower of larch church built in 1709 by Evangelics.

The original octagonal onion dome tower covered by copper was moved to Złotów in 1801. During World War I, the largest bells (including one from 1610) were removed and melted for war aims. Only the smallest remained. The same happened to bell from brick church – old–Lutheran. In 1923 founded cast of two missing bells, then consecrated them in Easter 1924.

In 1943 on pastor Feierabend’s command, the oldest bell from 1792 was removed and moved to Hamburg. Two others were lost in 1945. Saved bell, due to former residents, in March 23, 1952 started to ring again, in chapel on area of former Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, near Munich. In 1964 the chapel with bell was disassembled and moved to Ludwigsfeld district in Munich. Since 1964, it’s no longer Protestant chapel – it became unprofitable. Currently chapel is used as Georgian Orthodox Church.