In place where was large wood wool factory, on it’s walls created a new factory in 30s of past century. Unfortunately, since that time have shameful story.

In years 1933-36 (after complete takeover the country by Nazi) whole Third Reich economy were changed for military purposes. All natural resources needed for military were important.

On maps from 1932, by NSDAP command, were marked places of mining resources. Between Kuźniczysko and Czeszów marked places of mining sod iron ore in XIX century. The material needed to be reforged and then was used for steel production, prefered in semi- and finished products. It had place also in our area.

Mill wheel was replaced by special turbine for driving the production line. Building after wood wool factory was disassembled and in it’s place built three smaller production halls. This is non-glorious history period for pre-war residents, so that is why they are silent. Near was placed shooting range sensitively protected until end of the 1945.

October 7, 1944 in night hours, during first bombing raid on Wrocław, bombed main industry factories in this order: Humboldsau, Koczurki, Wrocław. After bombing there were left no factory building. Today there are only ruins.