In 1817 in Prussia was created United and uniting church, unifying Lutherans and Calvinists by one church administration. This resulted in resistance of some communities and part of priesthood, so that is why they were called commonly as old–Lutherans.

Since 1830 were started persecution of separatists. High pressure on residents, also of Kuźniczysko, caused emigration of many families:

  • August 27, 1839 on the board of „Brig Caroline” ship from Hamburg to New York, immigrated one family (5 people),
  • July 3, 1841 on the board of „Skjold” ship from Altona (Hamburg’s district) to Adelaide (Australia) immigrated seven families (33 people).

Other families stayed and built magnificent brick church in Kuźniczysko in 1840. In 1841 on synod in Wrocław, constituted the new religion.

Bell was melted for war aims (WW I). After the war, the tower was disassembled (about 1919), because most of “separatists” from Gross Hammer were killed on front. The church was transformed into chapel. Currently it is the Roman Catholic church.