June 6, 1842 by royal rescript signed company agreement and creation of wood wool factory and resort. Joseph Weiss (owner of paper mill in Zlote Hory) inspirated by research results of notable german naturalist, geographer, researcher, traveler – Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt’a – patented his invention and deployed it in Humboldtsau, which belonged to Kuźniczysko. This was unprecedented event on the world.

Company of 30 investors built here large factory, where were working many people from Czeszów and Kuźniczysko. To production was using large steam engine. The resources were the pine needles after appropriate processing.

Their products were sold in whole Europe: wood wool (warming, mattress, upholstery furniture, carpets, blankets etc.), paper, oil, soap, liqueurs, spiritus, pomades, balsams, extracts for candies. Until 1884 in England this wool were used by carmaker – Bentley.

Factory was burnt in large fire on April 2, 1861. Investors decided to disassemble and sell it. Remained only factory walls.